Music Program

In 2018 students at Altona North Primary School will be preparing for many performances both within and outside of school. All students at ANPS will have many opportunities to perform and especially those in extra-curricular bands. The bands at ANPS are as follows - 


- Instrumental Group

- Ukulele Group

- Drumming Group

- Choir


Our philosophy strongly holds that students learn best when their education is meaningful and engages their interests. Accordingly, Music and Performing Arts classes typically rehearse and develop artistic pieces for performances.


This year performances include -


- Festival of Performing Arts (FOPA) - All Band Groups

- Wakakirri - National Storytelling Competition - 3/4 Unit

- Recess and Lunch time performances - All Units

- Parent Information Night Performance - ANPS Choir

- Hobson's Voice - ANPS Choir

- Education Week - ANPS Choir