Instrumental Groups

There are a large range of extra-curricular music groups at Altona North Primary which allow students to further develop their musicianship skills outside of the classroom. The Annual School Concert and the Hobsons Voice Competition coming up in 2016 will provide students throughout the school and these instrumental groups a meaningful goal to work towards.

The groups include Junior Choir, Senior Choir, Ukulele Group, Drumming Group and an Instrumental Band. Practice sessions engage learners in non-formal teaching and informal learning. As a result our students are engaged in music as if they were musicians/performers/public speakers in the community. To engage students in this manner is to build the social skills and music/performing practices necessary for contributing positively to the broader community.

Have a look at our previously formed music groups during rehearsals.

(Ukulele Group)

(Drumming Group)

These practices lend themselves to a new and innovative musical philosophy which is spreading around the globe. Musical Futures is this new initiative and aims to revolutionise music education. The central philosophy is based around the aim that student musicians learn best when they engage with music just as musicians do outside of the classroom. As a result, non-formal teaching and informal learning lend themselves to a rich music education where students will develop skills that are useful beyond the classroom.